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I am looking to join an organization where my contribution can make an impact.



November 2006-May 2007 NewIsys, Austin, TX

Software Engineer

Maintained and extended test process code primarily in C, C++ and Perl for factory production of AMD x64 servers. Created and updated design and user documentation for new and enhanced features. Debugged factory issues and supported factory staff in ongoing production operations. Worked with code using a variety of standards and technologies such as SMBIOS and IPMI. Implemented several improvements to the development testing and release process for the factory software. Also developed enhanced capabilities to debug issues on units in factories worldwide using VPN and VNC.


August 2002-October 2006 Polycom Inc, Austin, TX

Diagnostics Software Engineer

Designed and developed diagnostic code to verify correct function of new hardware designs. Developed code for Freescale MPC8347 to verify microprocessor interfaces to DDR-SDRAM memory, flash memory, LAN, PCI bus, I2C buses and FPGAs. Ported the U-boot boot loader and embedded Linux to new hardware. Performed board bring-up on new hardware designs using Abatron BDI-2000 JTAG emulator.


SQA Software Engineer

Spearheaded effort to evaluate and identify replacement SCM solution for geographically distributed development organization of approximately 100 software developers. The project included trial deployments and comprehensive evaluation of ClearCase, AccuRev and BitKeeper.


Developed and maintained test automation software written in Perl, Java and Python to automate the testing of video conferencing products. Developed and maintained departmental website (dashboard) in PHP and Perl incorporating project-oriented blogs, statistics and graphs of data queried from defect tracking database in MS SQL Server and from testing results. Coordinated and prioritized development tasks for dashboard to ensure satisfaction of internal customers. Provided requirements and design for test case management application developed within the team. Provided mentoring and guidance to junior team members.


January 2001-July 2002 General Bandwidth, Austin, TX

Embedded Software Engineer

Served in a team-lead capacity providing technical leadership to 3 other software engineers. Performed a wide range of development, debugging and maintenance functions in areas including BSP, bootrom, ATM driver, Ethernet driver, DS3 protection switch, TI Telogy DSP interface code, Motorola MPC 8260 communication drivers. Served as a central point of contact for advice in configuring Wind River tools including debugger, Winview, visionEvent and visionProbe JTAG debuggers. Ported line card software from VxWorks 5.4 to VxWorks AE in less than one month and evaluated performance and functionality. Evaluated competing RTOS offerings. Performed TL9000 (ISO9001) quality audits as part of the internal audit team.


January 1999-December 2000 Crossroads Systems, Austin, TX

Senior Software Engineer

Primary responsibilities involved implementation and maintenance of SNMP and WWW-based management interfaces for Crossroads Fibre Channel-ATM and Fibre Channel-SCSI routers. Architected management interface subsystem APIs to enable backwards compatibility as well as code-sharing in newer products. Designed new interfaces for both SNMP and WWW/embededded web server. Implemented third-party copy SCSI command.


December 1996-December 1998 ADC Telecommunications, Richardson, TX

Software Engineer

Took an aggressive role in the development of CellWorx ATM SONet transport product. Served a critical role developing and supporting this product beginning at running under simulation environment on workstations through general availability.


Ported software models from simulation environment on Sun workstations to Motorola PowerPC 860 target hardware running VxWorks RTOS.


        Served as the main resource for additional hardware porting efforts and software debugging problems. Helped other team members with problems in the lab and published guidelines and tips for operating software on target hardware and debugging techniques and gave informational seminars on use of Tornado tools.

        Performed initial port of Motorola MC92500 ATM Cell Processor driver to hardware as well as ongoing development.

        Designed and implemented scheme for protect line card to switch configurations on the fly to take over from a failed working board to meet 60 ms switchover times. All other significant drivers followed the resulting model in the system.

        Took a leading role in system integration. Brought together multiple cards in the system that were previously running independently with test stubs and began debugging their operation as a system.


January 1996-December 1996 Texas Transportation Institute, College Station, TX

Lead Programmer

Served as the technical lead to provide software controlling an embedded, multiprocessor system to be placed in police squad cars. Integrated several technologies including real-time, multiprocessor embedded systems, Winsock TCP-IP, HTTP protocol and video capture. Integrated several third-party devices with a custom kernel running on a 486 board controlling police radar unit, lights and siren, VCR, GPS and wireless modem to base station and hand-held unit.


January 1992-August 1994 Texas Instruments, Inc., Austin, TX 78759

Co-Op Student

Assisted in the design of a fax messaging system operating in a Unix environment. Produced detailed design documentation for an operator interface. Designed extensions to an existing telephony API to deal with fax images in a different data format. Optimized the operation of a text-to-fax conversion utility to achieve a 10x improvement in speed. Helped to introduce development team to the OMT object-oriented design methodology. Extended existing test tools to include fax transmission and reception capabilities. Tested operation of fax messaging system to ensure compatibility with existing system. Coded test scripts and test-related utilities for Voice/Fax messaging system. Documented the operation of an existing system that was being ported.



MS Computer Science, Texas A&M University

BS Computer Engineering, Texas A&M University

18 hours towards MBA at St Edwards University, Austin TX



Languages: C, C++, Java , Perl, Python, PHP, Intel x86 Assembly, HTML, JavaScript

Operating Systems: Linux, Unix, VxWorks RTOS

Networking Protocols: ATM, Fibre Channel, SNMP, HTTP